Norwich based Sound Designer


Services include:

  • Creation of original sound effects (Foley, synthesis, location recordings).

  • Recording sounds, musicians and vocal performances in either a studio and location environments.

  • Editing recordings for both creative and restoration purposes.

  • Implementation of sound effects, ambience, music and voice in game, and working along side the team

Work Experience in Sound

Sound Designer - Imaginati Studio May 2017- Nov 2017

(Planet of the Apes : Last Frontier)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Creating original sound effects using Foley techniques,Recording, synthesis, creative/restorative editing and sample libraries.

  • Implementation within Unreal Engine 4, making use of Blueprints and the cinematic player.

  • Mixing all assets of the game audio (voice, SFX, music, Ambience, UI sounds) to create the final mix.

  • Communicating between different departments of the project and responding to feedback.

  • Experience using Articy, Perforce and Shotgun throughout the project.


Sound Designer - 3DrunkMen 2013-2014 (Vanish)

(First Person Survival Horror Game)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Creation of all aspects of sound within the project (Ambiences, Sound Effects, Vocal performances, Music).

  • Implementation of assets using Unity3D game engine.

  • Play testing, QA, bug checking and Game Design were also part of the role.

Sound Designer/Sound Editor - Barnwell Print limited 2014

(Creation of a Video Advertisement)

  • Location based sound recordings/boom operation.

  • sound editing and mixing voice, Sound Effects and music.


Sound Designer and Composer - JumpButton Studio 2013

(Unreleased Games)

  • Creation of Sound Effects for 3 Indie flash games


Sound Designer - Nukasoft 2013

(Unreleased 3rd Person Shooter Game)

  • Assigned with Weapon Foley, Sound Design and Mixing



  • Unreal Engine 4

  • Unity 3D

  • Pro Tools HD

  • Logic Pro X

  • Max MSP

  • Reaper

  • Ableton Live

  • Audiokinetic Wwise

  • Perforce

  • Articy

  • Shotgun



Leeds Beckett University

Master of Science – MS, Sound and Music for Interactive Games

2017- Ongoing

Learned Audiokinetic Wwise, Max MSP, Unreal Engine 4.


West Suffolk College

Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Music Production, Merit 2.1


Experience recording live orchestra performances.

Learned Unity 3D Game Engine.




Calum Scott Grant


E-mail : csgsounddesign@gmail.com